Sean Whitesell

Cloud Architect, Microsoft MVP, ASP Insider, and User Group Leader

About Me

I’m Sean Whitesell. I am the current president of the Tulsa .NET User Group and have been since July 2009. I love being the president. It’s very exciting to help so many with similar interests gather for networking and growth in the programming field.

In 5th grade I had the opportunity of playing with LOGO. Very simple but a good introduction to kids at that time that we can control something on this so-called computer. In 1986 I was playing with the Apple II GS. “Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?” was a great game and I learned a lot. That Apple II GS got a ton of use.

At around age 12 I started playing with electronics. I loved going to Radio Shack and getting component pieces. I once made a switch box using a Velvetta cheese cardboard box. It accomplished nothing but I didn’t have anything else for a box. Oh well it was fun. Many stereos were destroyed for my learning experience. I un-soldered so many transistors. Making a 10 channel 120v AC dimmer box was really exciting. A triac exploded on first use. I learned quickly to double check ALL connections. In 1990 I started an electronics class at Tulsa Technology Center. I went two years and won 2nd place at the state VICA competition. With that I won a third year. Those were great years. I really loved learning so much.

For a few years I was in the Explorer Search and Rescue group. I loved it! I learned basic camping skills, rappelling, rescue rappelling, survival skills, and was a first responder.

In 1995 I graduated from Tulsa Community College with an AA in Liberal Arts. The plan was to go to a major college and head towards being a Cardiologist. Unfortunately money got in the way.

I’ve been a desktop support technician and a system administrator. I decided to get a job programming since that was what I was doing at night. It became my interest then passion.

LinkedIn has my work history so I won’t go into that here.